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Get Real Go Green Challenge Day #2

Queen Of Green Christi Kelly Get Real Go Green Challenge Day #2
On Day #2,
I took a Video log of my stats in the beginning of the challenge.
I recommend you take a pic, video, and/or diary blog.
No need to make it a chore, but just to see the difference from day #1 to day #30.
I am excited because just from inconsistent use of the greens, I have lost 10 lbs!
So the Get Real Go Green Challenge is super exciting because, to consistently give your body plenty of nutrition;
I believe will change our lives!
Join Your Get Real Go Green Challenge Here:

Friday Night Live Thank You Mr. Mark Harbert!

Friday Night Live was one of the best last night!
Mr. Mark Harbert totally ROCKED us and the show!
It was AMAZING! I am still smiling! Thank You Mark!
Thank You to everyone who joined us,
And especially those on the panel! <3
May your weekend be bright, productive and Happy!
See You Next Week Friday 9PM EST

Friday Night Live With Special Star Mark Harbert

In case you have not heard….
Friday Night Live has a SUPER STAR
Special Host Mark Harbert!!!
This Week Friday 9PM EST
I have been looking forward to this show
for so long now!
I am so glad the suspense is almost over
Tomorrow, Friday @ 9PM EST!
When we get to hear Super Success Star Mark Harbert’s story,
have him answer our questions, and well…you know how wild Friday Night Live can get 😉
All I can say is bring your hat and glasses and get ready to see and hear
Mark Harbert LIVE!
On Friday Night Live @ 9PM EST
I will be posting the link to register on my site:
See You There! 🙂

There Is SOMETHING You Can Do Right Now

No matter where you are
in your business, your life, or your dreams….
There is always
You can do right Now!
There Is SOMETHING You Can Do Right Now!
That is what I tell myself MANY times throughout the day.
I do this for many reasons; One of them being, that it encourages you that YOU ARE MAKING PROGRESS.
I know, as an Entrepreneur, and knowing many entrepreneurs,
we can tend to feel overwhelmed, as if we are just not getting ENOUGH done.
I understand that feeling, but if you take this “mantra” to heart, it will give you peace, when the storms of your own doubts blow through.
Another GREAT reason to DO SOMETHING that you CAN do, right now, is that you will stick to a plan.
It takes a plan, a map, and a path, that leads you to where you want to go; whether in your entrepreneurial life, spiritual life, or daily life.
When you CLEARLY map out the steps that HAVE to be taken to get you there, and BEGIN following them, you will see yourself heading in the right direction, towards your mark!
Also, you will find if you follow:
You Can Do SOMETHING Right Now;
That other “time-fillers” and “time-wasters” that may have distracted you before, will have SO much less power in your life!
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