ShowGirl SHINE!

ShowGirl SHINE!

Are YOU ready to let your Movie Star Self SHINE?!!

You are ready for


Try ALL 24 Shades!!!

ShowGirl SHINE Kit

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ShowGirl SHINE Adhesive

I am SO excited and proud to offer

an adhesive that is Toxic Free and ORGANIC!

There is no adhesive that I am aware EXISTS
other than THIS Toxic Free ORGANIC adhesive ……..
That will not be absorbing Industrial Toxic Chemicals
into the delicate skin on your eyelids! 👀
Or that works as good!!!
With Your purchase you will be given a link and password,
to find out the BEST techniques for application of your NEW
ShowGirl SHINE products!
Each Bottle Of Adhesive Includes Free Shipping!
Queen Of Green

This Soft yet brilliant shade of ShowGirl SHINE is my FAVORITE!

It is a lighter color, for a softer touch, but with ALL the sparkle!

That is why I named this shade:

Queen Of Green!

This shade includes FREE Shipping!

Colombian Pearl

This Shade is another one of my favorites!

It’s Glimmer is SO eye catching,

And it goes with everything you wear!

This shade comes with FREE shipping!

Silver Bullion

Silver Bullion is a silver shade that is really elegant.
It is an excellent accent to your favorite little black dress!
This shade includes free shipping!
This shade is another one of my favorites !
I just love how the light catches the glimmer
in this sexy LIVELY silver shade!
This shade includes Free shipping!
Black Diamond

This CLASSY shade is PERFECT for wearing on

BIG night outs!

Like on New Year’s Eve!

It adds that Sexy Smokey look to your eyes,

WITHOUT having to be a make-up artist!

This shade includes Free Shipping!

 Golden Ticket

No ShowGirl SHINE collection is complete

without this sexy shade of gold!
Other’s reactions will make you feel like you won
The GOLDEN Ticket!
This shade includes Free shipping !
Black Opal

This shade is perfect for a more dramatic look!
Use to highlight your eyes,
Or go for the whole
Just got back from my make-up artist
Black Opal comes with Free Shipping!
Chocolat’ is a shade that is great for many skin tones!
Depending on your complexion,
This shade can give you irresistably milk chocolaty subtle highlights,
Or give you that look that makes you POP like a soft gourmet truffle!
Chocolat’ is a Must-Have shade for any ShowGirl Shine collection!
This shade includes Free Shipping!
 Ruby Slippers

Ever want to put on your make-up for the day and feel like
There is No Place Like Home?!
This shade will make you feel like you are the star in your own movie,
Wearing the most gorgeous Ruby Red Slippers!
Whether Valentine’s Day,
Or for a Red Hot Weekend
Ruby Slippers is one shade to have on hand!
This shade comes with Free Shipping!

Igniting the attention of your Love Interest
has never been so easy!
Your eyes will sparkle and shine,
And say ALL you need to say!
PassionFire is sure to ignite the Passion and Fire!
This shade comes with Free Shipping!


Electric PopRocks

Electric PopRocks is a shade that is powerful,
yet delicate,
at the same time!
It is that BEAUTIFUL shade
And with a SPARKLE that let’s others know,
I am Electric and Beautiful!
This Shade includes Free Shipping!
Electric CottonCandy

Electric CottonCandy is a shade that is ESSENTIAL to ANY
ShowGirl SHINE collection!
It is that DELICATE soft shade
But with a HUGE amount of sparkle,
That subtly says
I am sweet, beautiful, with a lot to SHINE about!
This shade comes with Free Shipping!
 Obama Blue

This deep, rich shade of blue
will have you feeling like a true patriot,
as soon as you apply it!
And PERFECT for holidays like
The Fourth of July!
Bring Those Fireworks With You!
Obama Blue includes Free Shipping!
 Electric Ocean

Whether you are sitting in the boat sunbathing,
Water-skying behind the boat,
Or back at the shore wading through water on the soft sand,
This gorgeous shade will make you feel like you are on vacation,
Every time you look in the mirror!
Electric Ocean includes Free Shipping!
Ocean Dreams

For those days when you want to feel like
Vacation time is NOW!
Ocean Dreams will bring you to that place!
It is like sunbathing on the edge of the yacht,
While the reflection of the noonday sun
reflects against your eyes!
Leave that SunSparkle touch with everyone you meet!
They will notice!
Ocean Dreams comes with Free Shipping!
 Tropical Waves

Tropical Waves is a shade that is JUST perfect for that matching outfit,
that does not need TOO much attention….
JUST the right amount!
Look stunning and classy all at once!
Tropical Waves comes with Free Shipping!
 Bahama Sand Dust

Feel like walking through the soft sand on the beach
Next to the sparkling water
Shimmering under the bright stars and moon!
Bring that beauty to your night!
Bahama Sand Dust includes Free Shipping!
Emerald City

Want to feel like you and your best friends
Are popping corn and heading to the
Emerald City?
Be the leading eye catcher!
This shade comes with Free shipping!
Celtic Moss

This GORGEOUS shade is PERFECT for all those hard-to-match outfits!
Whether you want to dress up your spring attire,
Or just make a SPLASH at the St. Patrick’s Day parade;
Celtic Moss will get you all the kisses and attention you need!
Celtic Moss includes Free Shipping!
 Yellow Brick Road

Ever wanted to feel like you are traveling the
Yellow Brick Road?!
Go along the road of gold
To your destiny!!
Find Your Greatness!
Yellow Brick Road includes Free Shipping!
 Tangerine Dream
When you have that special orange outfit
That needs that accent, or accessory but the color never fits?!
Tangerine Dream is your answer!
And it is delicate, so, it can give you as much SHINE effect
as you need for each day!
Tangerine Dream includes Free Shipping!
 Electric Creamsicle

I SO love this shade!
It is an ELEGANT “orange” hue,
Which compliments well with
Better quality orange colored outfits!
SHINE no matter what you are wearing!
Electric Creamsicle includes Free Shipping!
You will be given a link and password,
With your purchase
for Best and Easiest application techniques
to try your NEW ShowGirl SHINE!

While I have had LIFE CHANGING results using ShowGirl SHINE, Results may vary, and we are not responsible for eye irritation or injury.