A Person’s Success Has A Lot To Do With, The People One Chooses To Be Surrounded By, In Life

I have been reminded of this over and over again,

Over the past week.

It is a great thing to remind yourself of.

You have probably heard it too,

In forms like

“You are the company you keep.”…

There have been a lot of recent scientific studies that found,

As Humans we tend to be attracted

To people like ourselves.

Here is an example:

Birds of a feather…

Think about it closer…

“A Person’s Success has a lot to do with,

The people one chooses to be surrounded by.”


I want you STRETCH yourself, to work on personal development,

to EARN the right to be among those that most of us consider “great”!

Stretch yourself to be of THAT character,

and to surround yourself with THAT type of QUALITY people.

You will be surprised at how your life is affected!