You Are Invited!!

You Are Invited To See


Tonight @ 9 PM EST



You Get To Ask Him Your OWN Question

Let’s make it good.

This is a rare Opportunity,

To interview a MILLIONAIRE,

With VAST experience and rubies of wisdom.

Represent your Business,


Ask a GOOD question.

If it is good you can ask LIVE on the panel!

Get exposure to your Business

See You Tonight

That Moment When You Have To Say Goodbye To Your Other Half…..

I LOVE events, and am a HUGE supporter of attending events,

To keep your Business “fresh”,

Among a plethora of supporting reasons.

Both my Husband and I have been Entrepreneurs for a long time now.

One great plus, I have appreciated, is that we can spend SO much time together,

Including attending all sorts of Business related events.

Therefore, we are not new to the fact that, we cannot ALWAYS,


Attend an event.

So, early this AM I gave kisses and hugs, and had to bring myself to say goodbye to my Awesome Husband,

And Business Owner.

He and a colleague, begun a long trip,

To immerse themselves in a

“Business Banquet”

Of the knowledge of Hyper Successful Entrepreneurs,

Networking with like minded Business Owners,

Amid  genious and pure passion,

In Texas!

Live Events Are where it is at!

I love seeing the passion in leaders like

Jackson Kelly and Bert Bledsoe,

That carries them through the uncomfortable terrain of Business;

Like traveling 13+ hours to attend an event,

That will change and better other’s lives!

I cannot wait to glean all the great information he captures while down there!

No worries though,

I will share great goodies I retrieve,

Right here!